NYX COSMETICS Ultimate Shadow BRIGHTS Palette Review ❀

Hello beauties,
how are you doing? It's July, which means "exam session". And "exam session" means "studying everyday non-stop". Please, wish me good luck D:.
Anyway, this post is about a Nyx Cosmetics product, the Ultimate Shadow palette in BRIGHTS.
I've been a lot more into colorful looks lately, so I decided to get this palette in order to experiment.
The palette comes in a black, simple, square packaging. There are 16 different colours, some of them are matte, and some are shimmery. The pigmentation is pretty good, even though a couple of colours don't show off very well. For the swatches, I applied a waterproof cream eyeshadow beforehand. It is from Nabla Cosmetics, and I use it as a primer.

Photo taken with flash

Photo taken with natural light

Swatches of the first two rows

With flash

The first colour (from left to right) is a shimmery red. I am a little disappointed, because I thought it was more vibrant.
The second colour is a matte rich fuchsia.
Then, we have a neon orange shade (which is not very pigmented), and a matte orange one.
The second row is all about purple: a slightly shimmery purple; a "cyclamen" purple; a matte pink, and a lilac shade which cannot be paler.
Next, there are a matte indigo (it's one of my favorite shades of the palette); a matte and rich bice; a jade, and a celeste.
The last row is composed of a fresh green; a lime; and two yellow shades. Same issue with the red eyeshadow here. I have always wanted an intense, high-pigmented yellow colour, but my desire couldn't be fulfilled. The colour is buildable, but it takes some time.

Once applied, the eyeshadows stay on for a loooong time. Only if you use a primer, hehe.
For the price I paid, I am quite satisfied with this product. To be honest, I still have to decide whether I love it or not. Some colours are great, others are disappointing. Would I recommend it? Well, it's a good palette, you have some cool "rainbow" colours, the price is not too high, and the lasting power is okay... Let's say that the decision is up to you, ;).

Pro: the lasting is good, the colours are pretty. Some are pigmented, some not that much.
Con: the pigmentation of some shades.
Rating: 7.5/10
Price: 19.70 

Have you ever tried this Nyx palette? If not, would you like to try it?
Let me know in the comment section down below!
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