Hello beauties!
This post is going to be about the one and only Johanna Herrstedt, a popular Swedish social media influencer and model. She was born on August 4th, 1994. She is just two years older than me! With thousands of followers all over the world, Johanna has conquered my heart. I have been following her since 2015. Her beauty gleams from every pore of hers, and her make up looks are STUNNING! If you don't believe me, just check her Instagram profile, or her Youtube videos. She has a blog as well! Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. She has her own line of cosmetics, called HERRSTEDT COSMETICS, which is cruelty-free. Right now, there's only the mascara available.
So, today I am going to go through some of her "faces".

Johanna some years ago.

Johanna has naturally beautiful brows, that she defines even more with eyebrow products.
Here, she painted her eyebrows fluorescent pink. Iconic, isn't it? The winged liner, the faux freckles, and the pink blush colour make everything look extremely fancy, hehe.

That highlight, though.
I am in love with this classic and chic look, which is all about long lashes, flawless skin, and plum lips. Only God knows how much I want such eyelashes! For the lipstick, a very similar colour is "Bruised Plum" from Tom Ford (price: 53 $)

More photos:

I really like the eye make up here! The lashes are emphasized, adding fake ones too.

Lipstick: "Lumière 2", Colourpop

She looks like an elf here. Lipstick: "Riot", Lime Crime (just guessing, huh)
There has been a lot of controversy about her editing her photos before posting them. However, I think she is beautiful with and without Photoshop. Make sure to check her Instagram account and follow her (just if you want to. It's not an order, haha).

Did you know her?
I will talk to you next time, 

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