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Hello beauties!
This post is going to be about the one and only Johanna Herrstedt, a popular Swedish social media influencer and model. She was born on August 4th, 1994. She is just two years older than me! With thousands of followers all over the world, Johanna has conquered my heart. I have been following her since 2015. Her beauty gleams from every pore of hers, and her make up looks are STUNNING! If you don't believe me, just check her Instagram profile, or her Youtube videos. She has a blog as well! Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. She has her own line of cosmetics, called HERRSTEDT COSMETICS, which is cruelty-free. Right now, there's only the mascara available.
So, today I am going to go through some of her "faces".

Johanna has naturally beautiful brows, that she defines even more with eyebrow products.
Here, she painted her eyebrows fluorescent pink. Iconic, isn't it? The winged liner, the faux freckles, and the pink blush colour make everything look extre…

Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupté Lip Gloss REVIEW ☆

Hello beauties!
Today I am going to talk about a new entry in my make up collection. It's the Gloss Volupté lip gloss by Yves Saint Laurent. It was given to me by my aunt, who is becoming more and more obsessed with make up (hum, this is probably my fault, hehe).

The shade that I have is "106", Cuir Grenat, which is a lovely berry red shade. It is a little shimmery, and it looks AMAZING on the lips. It does not look like the red that you see in the tube, but more pinkish. Whenever I apply this gloss I get a lot of compliments ;D. Basically, I am applying this product almost everyday.
The formula is light, hydrating, not sticky at all, and once applied, it feels super comfortable. You can apply as many layers as you like, building up the colour 'till you are satisfied. The glossy finish makes your lips appear plump and shiny.
The lasting is pretty good too! Even after eating and drinking, the colour stays on, although a little faded. No big deal, you can reapply it ;)…