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Hello beauties!
How are you doing? Are you ready for Christmas? I hope you are ;D.
Today I am going to show you some swatches of my ColourPop liquid lipsticks, that are absolutely AMAZING! The colours that I own are "November", "Frick n' Frack", "Avenue", "Notion", and " Lax". There's no need to say that I am going to order more soon. So, I got the products about a month ago, and since then I have been "testing" them out. My opinion? Well, I already told you, they are amazing. The texture is incredible, the application too, is smooth and you get a "rich" colour after just one coat. Only "Lax" needs more work, and I always have to apply at least two coats, because the lip colour turns out patchy and uneven (as a matter of fact, it's my less favorite lipstick, even though I love the colour).

The lasting is exceptional ONLY when you use a lipliner beforehand. Once, I applied the lipstick - if I re…