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Estée Lauder "Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex II" REVIEW ღ

Hi beauties,
how are you doing? I hope you are all having a great time!
Today I am going to talk about an amazing eye cream that I have been loving.

Since I am spending a lot of sleepless nights lately (because of uni and other stuff), I wanted to get something for my poor eyes. So, I went over budget and I got the "Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex II" by Estée Lauder. First of all, if you are looking for a good but not too expensive eye cream, please don't continue reading this post. Your heart is going to get hurt badly. Do you want to know the price? Well, I am telling you. 64.50 €(about 68$). Yes, 64 f*****g euros for 0.5 oz of product. I didn't even want to spend that much money on a cream, but I fell for it and I promised to myself that I am never going to do something so foolish again (I promise)!
That said, I cannot deny that this product atoned me. It is for all skin types, and it works very well, especially for women over 40(I am just 19, but …