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Spotlights on CHRISSY COSTANZA ✩

If you love listening to covers on Youtube, I am sure you already know who Chrissy Costanza is. A lot of people claim that she is one of the most beautiful youtubers, and I think they are absolutely right. Chrissy (born in 1995, she is just a year older than me!) is a super talented singer, who has a band called "Against the Current". Sometimes, you see her on Kurt Hugo Schneider's channel.
When I first saw her, I was strucked - above all - by her amazing voice, then by her make up. Yes, because her make up is always on point. And you can really tell that she is a make up addict by her Instagram account too.
Anyway, today I want to show you some of her most breathtaking looks. Enjoy!

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Chrissy is - besides her voice and her red hair - her eyeliner. She even showed in a video how she does it.

Her favorite black eyeliners are:
Stila Stay all Day Eyeliner (about 22$) Laura Mercier Creme Eyeliner (about 25$) Revlon ColorStay …


Hi beauties! Today I'm gonna show you a very simple eye make up I created. It is perfect for fancy dress parties, and it is inspired by the ancient Egyptian civilization.
So, I took the photos before filling my eyebrows, that's why they look shabby and messy. Sorry!

I started by using my favorite gel eyeliner by Maybelline in BLACKEST BLACK, tracing a thin line on my upper lid (close to the lashline) and building up the colour little by little. Then, I drew a long and thick wing (not something I would do everyday), for a dramatic look. This elongates the shape of your eyes. I brought the colour to my lower lashline as well, only on the outer corner.
After that, I grabbed a blue gel eyeliner by Inglot (#67) and I applied it all along my lower lashline, in order to make my eyes appear more lively. Finally,  I used a shimmery silver eyeshadow on the inner corners of my eyeballs.

As you can see, I did not apply mascara (and, yeah, my straight and short eyelashes are so unlucky). …

People You Should Follow On Snapchat If You Are Into Beauty, Fashion and Make Up!

Are you obsessed with Snapchat as I am? If yes, high five! I am always adding a lot of people, so I can see their interesting stories. Don't worry, I am not a stalker. So, today I am going to do a list of Snapchat users that you should definitely follow if you are a make up junkie, a fashion lover, or if you just want to stalk follow some cool pals.

Username: hellodreamer
2) HUDA BEAUTY Username: RealHudaBeauty

Username: KandeeJohnson

Username: Kristina_Bazan

Username: ChrisspyC
7) MAC COSMETICS Username: mac.cosmetics

Username: HeyClaireHey

Username: jennimsnaps
10) LAND OF MAKE UP Username: landofmakeup

Username: nikkietutorials
12) CASSIEE MUA Username: cassieemua
13) JACKLYN HILL Username: jacklynrhill
14) CHLOE MORELLO Username: MorelloMachine

Username: ginsmakeup

Username: sophiachang92

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Review ✧

Hello beauties! Today I want to talk to you about a BB cream by Garnier. I've always been a huge fan of BB creams, because they are light and moisturizing. They might not be that great at covering imperfections, but they can give you that beautiful natural effect. The shade that I got is "Medium", which is almost the exact shade of my face.

This BB cream has also anti-ageing properties, and the texture is pretty good. It is creamy and it blends perfecly with my skin colour. The only downside? It made me break out. Yes, after a week I noticed that there were a lot more unwanted pimples than usual on my face, which was absolutely frustrating! I thought that the break out was caused by my moisturizer but, hey, it wasn't its fault. So, I stopped using this BB cream and I started(desperately) to cover my face with anti-spots treatments. Luckily my skin recovered and I decided to never use this product again. It was sad, because I really loved it, but the fact that it was…

Deborah Milano Compact Powder Review ☹

Hi beauties! How are you doing? I hope you are all having a great time! Today I am back with another review: this time it's a setting powder by Deborah Milano. This brand offers a wide range of very cool products(that I've always loved), but this powder doesn't really excite me. I got the shade 29, which suits my skin perfectly, but...

WHAT IT PROMISES: with a lightweight texture and a smooth application, this compact powder sets your make up, mattifying your skin.

WHAT IT REALLY DOES: once applied, you can really feel it. I mean, it is heavy and it is A LOT drying! Okay, it does set your foundation, making it last longer. But, at what price? When I first used it I would have never thought that my oily skin could get dried so much. Also, the smell is DISGUSTING!
I am sorry to say that, but this product is a big NO-NO! Ha, I just wasted my money on something that I will never use again.

Price: about 8€
Pro: it sets your make up, matte finish.
Con: nauseating smell, heavy textur…


We live in an era dominated by the Internet, social media platforms, and - of course - selfies. Almost everyone post selfies on the web, me included. So, how can we optimize our photos? There are 2 beautifying apps that I have on my phone and that I love! I don't use them very often though, because "Camera 360" is my favorite editing app!


You want a bigger breast? Longer and slimmer legs? Wanna make your dark circles instantly disappear? Photo wonder does all this, and even more. You can do your make up, adding eyeliner and lipstick, and decorate your photos with lovely stickers! Just one word: W - O - N - D - E - R - F - U - L!
Here's how you can edit the photos (that girl is my sister haha):

Oh, I swear that I have never used this app to make my breast look bigger!! I only use it to make my skin appear fairer and smoother.


This one is very similar to Photo Wonder. You can destroy your pimples, make you look taller, and you have the sup…