Top and Worst Essence Products (Review) ✦!

Essence is a German make up brand that offers low-cost products. Its "twin-sister" is Catrice, a bit higher-quality brand. You may think that what they sell is not good quality, but that is not the case. Obviously, they are not as good as the products from Maybelline or Urban Decay, since they are not really expensive. And you know what they say: if something is cheap it's cheap. However, there are always exceptions ("You are my only exception!" as Hayley Williams sings).
And today I am going to show you some! Let's do this, a massive review of all the Essence products I have tried (quite a lot)!


Essence's mascaras are probably the best drugstore products ever. There are two types of the Multi Action one: the classic one and the Blackest Black one. They are both very good and they can make your eyelashes look voluminous and long with just a few swipes. Honestly, I love the classic one more. Probably because whenever I apply the Blackest Black I am always struggling to remove it at night. And it's not even waterproof!

Rating: 8.5/10
Price: 2,49€ for 8,5 ml.


The huge brush!

At first I fell in love with this mascara. However, I realized that the wand is too large, especially for the lower lashes. During the application my eye make up inevitably gets smudged. It's such a pain! This is just a personal opinion: this mascara may not work for me but it may for you. Aside from this downside, it is a good product that can give your lashes an incredible volume!

Rating: 7.5/10
Price: 3,29€ for 12 ml


My faves!

Essence has two categories of lipstick: the classic one, with a colorful packaging, and the long-lasting one (a little more expensive), in simple black tubes. You can find a complete review of the classic lipsticks here, with some swatches.

Oh my Gosh! You just don't know how much I love the long-lasting ones! They are just PERFECT! They are affordable, the colours are amazing, they are creamy and they stay for many hours before fading away! Plus, they smell really really good, and I adore things that have a nice smell! Totally worth trying.

My favorite one of this line is the shade 01 called "Coral Calling".

And here's how it looks (sorry for the low quality photo D:)

It's a pretty coral/pink colour that looks fantastic on my lips. I think it is perfect for spring and for sunny days. Sometimes I just like to double it up as a blush, although it makes me look a bit like a doll (or a clown, it depends on the point of view).

Rating: 9.5/10
Price: 2,49


Avoid these blush sticks! They are too sticky and shimmery and it looks unnatural on your cheeks.

I haven't tried the "Blush Up!" ones but I am going to very soon! I have the "Silky Touch" blushes, instead. They come in 6/7 different shades and my favorite one is the shade 60, "Life's a cherry", which is a gorgeous and slightly shimmery peach that gives you a fresh and healthy-looking complexion and it's absolutely adorable! It is perfect for medium skin tone, like mine. The only downside is that it is a little too powdery, but it's not a big deal. You are still one my favorite blushes, don't worry blush ;D!

Rating: 8.5/10
Price: 2,99€ (Silky Touch) - 4,49€ (Blush Up!)


The brush...

Some swatches!

This liquid eyeliner comes out very handy, since it is small and I can keep it in my handbag. It is not bad but it's not excellent. Honestly, I don't really like it. It smudges off too easily, so it doesn't last very long. Furthermore, it is not precise as I wish and I cannot trace a perfect winged eyeliner with this, because of the shape of the brush.

Rating: 6/10
Price: 2,79


I am really sorry to say this, but it can't be helped: Essence's concealers are a big NO-NO, ladies! Honestly, they are awful! Even though they might cover a little imperfections and redness, the final effect is terrible! It seems that you have put grease(I am exaggerating ^.^) on your face and it is not natural at all! Unluckily, this long-lasting concealer is a fail...

Rating: 3/10
Rating: 2,29


I don't know if it's me or this product, but something's wrong. It is supposed to be a powder, right? It should set my base, shouldn't it? Then, why it doesn't? At first, I was obsessed with it, especially with its smell, but I have realized that it didn't set my make up at all! My face looked shiny after few hours and, somehow, cakey. If I am to recommend an affordable powder that works for real, I would suggest the Mineral Powder from e.l.f., my Holy Grail of the moment.

Rating: 5/10
Price: 3,49


I bought this lash glue on a whim. I saw it in the expositor and I thought "Oh, I need it!" while, in fact, I didn't really need it. But I don't regret it! Indeed, I quite like it. It makes falsies stay in place for hours and hours and they just don't fall down until you decide to take them off. One night, I used it and I was a little worried, since I didn't know whether it was good or not. In the end, it turned out to be more than good! It is sticky enough and it's just so simple to apply, thanks to its brush! However, I wouldn't recommend this glue if you use false eyelashes everyday or almost everyday. Rather, get something that you're gonna undoubtedly love, like Ardell's lash glue, which is the best on the market (I suppose). Instead, if you are like me (that is, you use falsies only when there are special occasions), go for it!

Rating: 8/10
Price: about 3


"I love stage" eye primer.

This eye primer is nothing compared to the popular Urban Decay's one. However, if you consider the price, it's pretty good. It sets your eye make up and it makes it last longer, even though after about 6 hours its effects magically disappear, especially during summer time. If you are looking for something which is really really good and worth your time (and your eyeshadows), search for something a little more expensive and effective.

Rating: 7/10
Price: 2,99


Whoah, so many colours! These polishes are great for younger people, who want to experiment with trendy and bright hues. They offer a nice coverage and the formula is quite good. However, after a couple of days, it begins to chip. But that's totally normal, since the quality is not excellent. Don't expect miracles! I suggest you using a top coat after the application of the product, and hopefully it will last longer. Personally, I prefer Kiko's enamels, which are absolutely outstanding!

Rating: 7.5/10
Price: 1,99

Which are your favorite Essence products?
Please tell me in the comment section!

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  1. I have tried the blush, eye shadow,mascara and the gel pencil eyeliner,love the mascara and eyeliner !!!

  2. Aww I love their camouflage concealer! It's one of their newer products so I'm guessing they've improved ^^ I love the lipsticks too! I have the long-lasting one in shade 020 and I looooove it ;-;

    1. Oh, I should try it then! Thank you so much :D!


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