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Hello beauties, I feel like I haven't talked a lot about myself. So, today I'll do it and you can get to know me more.
I was born in Turin, Italy, on 18 october 1996 and my parents decided to name me Livia, just because it is easy to pronounce. I have two sisters, one is 3 years younger than me and the other one has 6 years old and she is the cutest child ever! When I was in elementary school I had the best time ever! I recall that I was always playing around with other kids and I had so much fun. Then my life changed when I started to attend middle school. There, I realised that I was different from everyone else. I was, I am, Chinese, so my face drew people's attention and some of them - even though they didn't even know me - offended me with every kind of insult. They seemed to have fun screaming at me and I got so upset that I could not help but stay still and I didn't have the courage to react. Luckily, I had few but precious friends that were always with me and they supported me. Little by little, things began to change again. I was 14 and I got in high school. Everything to me seemed to be extraordinary! No one (except few cases) was looking at me differently, no more, and I felt like I was reborn! Well, I don't want to exaggerate but, really. Since then, I've met incredible people, willing to understand and to talk. Of course, not everything has been fine, but now I love myself and I accept who I am. It's a goal that I finally reached and I am proud of it. And you, who are reading this, should learn to do so as well, if you haven't succeeded yet. It's a long path worth undertaking.
Anyway, about a year ago I decided to start a blog, where I could express my opinions and inspire readers all over the world. I really hope, whole-heartedly, that this page is going to reach more and more people. Also - in order to make readings more pleasant - I am trying to make it better, changing the design and making more interesting content.
What do I love? Well, excellent question. If I am to list all the things that I love, this post will never end.
However, I am gonna write down the main things. First of all, books. Then, in the second place, make up. Music, apples, cakes, candies, manga and anime, clothes, my family, my friends, pizza, pancakes, etc. I think there's no first place and second place, though. They are all on the same level, I love all of them the same way.
I have to add that I am kind of a cinephile type, so I know a lot of good movies. If you need any recommendations, just contact me! And I need recommendations as well!
About a year ago I started a Youtube channel too. I did it after have watched a lot of videos, chiefly about make up and beauty. I came across Michelle Phan's channel and I began to watch every single clip of hers. Then, I found out that there were people called Youtubers out there and I understood the meaning of "subscription". I was delighted! It was - and it still is - a marvelous world, so fascinating and mysterious! Therefore, inspired by all those amazing humans, I made up my mind and I joined the Youtube community. Which means I created my own channel. If you have time, please visit it. I make videos about beauty, fashion, make up, lifestyle, and more!
Someday, I'll make a "Draw My Life" video for sure!

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed. It means a lot to me.
Let's be friends,
kiss kiss,

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  1. aww!!! love your pink aesthetic!
    love, Tiffany lea


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