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Why You Shouldn't Mind Being Single!

You are single? No problem! The fact that you haven't a significant other must not influence you and you shouldn't care. Being single doesn't mean you are not  accepted or that you are not good enough. It has be your own choice. And there are a lot of reasons why you should not mind being single.

Oh yeah, you are free! You can do whatever you want, you aren't bound to anyone and anything! There's a hot guy walking down the street? Look at him as much as you want (make sure not to stare at him)! Besides, there's no one that is gonna reproach you for that. Also, you can flirt with whoever you wish, without feeling guilty.
Since you are not taken, you can dedicate more time to your studies, your career, your goals and/or your family.
I am currently single but I am not unhappy. Rather, I feel like I can devote myself to my education and my friends. Love can wait, while other things may not. Of course, I think that being in love is great and it's an u…

Top and Worst Essence Products (Review) ✦!

Essence is a German make up brand that offers low-cost products. Its "twin-sister" is Catrice, a bit higher-quality brand. You may think that what they sell is not good quality, but that is not the case. Obviously, they are not as good as the products from Maybelline or Urban Decay, since they are not really expensive. And you know what they say: if something is cheap it's cheap. However, there are always exceptions ("You are my only exception!" as Hayley Williams sings).
And today I am going to show you some! Let's do this, a massive review of all the Essence products I have tried (quite a lot)!


Essence's mascaras are probably the best drugstore products ever. There are two types of the Multi Action one: the classic one and the Blackest Black one. They are both very good and they can make your eyelashes look voluminous and long with just a few swipes. Honestly, I love the classic one more. Probably because whenever I apply the B…

Spotlights on Katy Perry! ♬

Today I'm going to talk about a celebrity who recently rocked at this year's Super Bowl and who is well known for her weird and extravagant oufits (less extravagant than those of Lady Gaga though). Yes, you got it.
Katy Perry, whose real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, was born in Santa Barbara 31 years ago and now she is one of the most estimated artists in the world. Since 2008, when her first single (I Kissed A Girl) appeared, she has been inspiring lots and lots of people. I still remember the spicy lyrics : "I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of cherry chapstick!".
Her first album was called "One Of The Boys", and the second one "Teenage Dream", which was released in 2010. You may also recall that she was one of the judges during the 7th edition of X Factor.

A little bit of gossip: Katy and Taylor are rivals, even though I think they were friends and they got along, some time ago. Anyway, I love them both.

Okay, quit the gossiping! …

Talking A Little About Myself | Livia McQueen ♡

Hello beauties, I feel like I haven't talked a lot about myself. So, today I'll do it and you can get to know me more.
I was born in Turin, Italy, on 18 october 1996 and my parents decided to name me Livia, just because it is easy to pronounce. I have two sisters, one is 3 years younger than me and the other one has 6 years old and she is the cutest child ever! When I was in elementary school I had the best time ever! I recall that I was always playing around with other kids and I had so much fun. Then my life changed when I started to attend middle school. There, I realised that I was different from everyone else. I was, I am, Chinese, so my face drew people's attention and some of them - even though they didn't even know me - offended me with every kind of insult. They seemed to have fun screaming at me and I got so upset that I could not help but stay still and I didn't have the courage to react. Luckily, I had few but precious friends that were always with me a…